But in 2010 there were only 1,290 orders which is an increase by 2014 of 158%. Total Posts: 315 Joined: 5 August 2010 Hi All, I am working with a Special Guardian. I wonder if it is at all possible for you to either discuss this with the special guardian or to make use of an intermediary to do so, such as an advocate? you as Special Guardian have ‘super PR’ so you are able to make these decisions UNLESS there is a court order in place which limits your daughter’s contact. Hi I am my children were placed with my in-laws last year. Many practitioners have expressed concern about the impact on the processes used and the future outcomes for children.2. What help can she ask for? Special Guardianship is an arrangement where you live permanently with someone other than your birth parents. For example, if your child was removed because you were in a violent relationship, have you taken steps to understand the risks posed by such relationships, by attending the Freedom Programme or similar intervention. I have been told I can make a referral to social services because of her behaviour and to be honest I think im going to because I really feel I have no choice but I know this will just cause more bad feelings between us because lets face it she is not going to like being referred to social services is she, nobody is going to like that but ive got to protect my son from these twisted plans of hers the woman is absolutely ridiculous, her behaviour is self centred and morally disgusting. Whilst Special Guardianship is a positive option for many children, we are writing this note out of concern about a number of cases where we believe children have been placed at risk through a Special Guardianship Order being made without sufficient consideration of the placement’s long-term viability. Often SGOs go hand in hand with a Supervision Order so the LA is often still involved, but they don’t share PR, like they do if there is a care order. This order makes someone a child’s ‘special guardian’. The court staff will give you a copy of the relevant form to fill in and you may have to pay a fee unless you are claiming benefits. Then it should be a quick and easy process if they are not contesting. Care must be taken to provide a balanced assessment of the special guardian, rather than over-emphasising untested positives.8. You can seek independent legal advice and you should. Now assessments of capacity to be  Special Guardian include: their understanding of, and ability to meet the child’s current and likely future needs, particularly, any needs the child may have arising from harm that the child has suffered; their understanding of, and ability to protect the child from any current or future risk of harm posed by the child’s parents, relatives or any other person the local authority consider relevant, particularly in relation to contact between any such person and the child; their ability and suitability to bring up the child until the child reaches the age of eighteen;”. They don’t work with those children. Giving up a baby for adoption – what if the dad doesn’t know? This incorporates interim guidance specifically to address the lawful extension of care proceedings beyond 26 weeks when special guardianship is being considered as an option.Â, hii i am a grandmother of a little boy who is living with his aunt under a sgo the aunt is on the paternal side of the family whereas i am on the maternal side my problem is that this aunt has refused to let my grandson have any contact with our side of the family apart from his mother i find this very distressing and was hoping that you could give me advice as to what action to take thankyou.  This was endorsed by the President of the Family Division. I don’t know anything about what lead to this SGO but it may be that the SG is worried because of what happened in the past. The person(s) with whom a child is placed will become the child’s Special Guardian. I agree that it would not be right to keep the truth from your son. I took yr advice and have reported the special guardians behaviour of lying to my son to the relevant social services department, they are refusing to investigate the matter and as far as they are concerned my son will suffer no ill effects from her deceitful behaviour, its absolutely unbelievable! THE ASSESSMENT OF SPECIAL GUARDIANS AS THE PREFERRED PERMANENCE OPTION FOR CHILDREN IN CARE PROCEEDINGS APPLICATIONSIntended audience: Local authorities, Cafcass, judiciary, HMCTS, LSCB’s1. This is dealt with at section 14D of the Children Act. In one case, a council wrongly calculated the allowance it paid to scores of families over a number of years. However, for reasons of risk and speed, or simply as a result of an inability to engage effectively with a family network, it is not always possible to explore this option to the right depth and at the right time. Conversely, the social work assessment and the children’s guardian’s analysis must demonstrate that the special guardian can meet the needs of the child in question including, where appropriate, recovery from the trauma associated with severe abuse or neglect if that has been the child’s prior lived experience.7. We have been more than fare by not contacting her etc but still no change when all this happend we were told he should have a decent level of contact with ourselves and extended family so why is it that she can get away with this when we’ve done nothing wrong And now my son is the one suffering plz could you email me anything at all that could help us sort out this sorry mess thank you. In my experience all council emails are the persons name @the councilname.gov.uk. Review finds significant problems with Special Guardianship Orders The Public Law Working Group has this week published its final recommendations for the future of Special Guardianship Orders (SGO). How does the court decide to have a ‘fact finding’ hearing? where is the child going to school?) These are a ‘half way house’ between a Child Arrangements Order that provides a child should live with someone (what used to be called a ‘residence order’) and adoption, which severs all legal ties between a child and his birth family. They have implied reasons may be my sons lifestyle. Yes I know the sgo teams are mainly for carers. A special guardianship order (SGO) is a private legal order that enables a special guardian to exercise full parental responsibility for a child up to the age of 18. He must know that you are his dad, and his mum is his mum but he lives with his SG. child benefit) you should complain to the local authority using a template letter that we have designed for this purpose. This followed the fundamental review of adoption policy and practice initiated by the Prime Minister earlier in the same year. Children’s Services are not in a position to help once an SGO has been granted so it isn’t about whether they want to help or not. Please help. The local authority then have to prepare a special guardianship report which will examine your suitability to be a special guardian. No child should be placed in the care of a Special Guardian without DBS and other necessary checks being carried out.10. This case is also important because it looked at the issue of providing legal advice to people who might be thinking about applying to be a Special Guardian.  This case saw a successful appeal against final care orders in a case where the Judge had been worried that the child had never lived with the proposed Special Guardians. Many such arrangements are undoubtedly necessary and benign. It is wrong ingnoring medical advice It isn’t possible to know all of the issues the SW has concerns about, nor would I wish to, but it is possible that they are a barrier to caring for these children. Bollocks! However, special guardianship is not intended to be only used for relatives;  foster carers should also be considered as potential special guardians. A review of the law around SGOs was commissioned by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory in response to the Court of Appeal’s call for authoritative, evidence-based guidance for the use of SGOs.  It was led by Dr John Simmonds from CoramBAAF and Professor Judith Harwin from Lancaster University. hi my kids gt taken off me for rong reasons social services are on bout sgo wat will be my rites how can i get em bk, You will still have PR but the Special Guardians have ‘super’ PR which means they get to make decisions and can override you. In my mum’s home there is herself, my nephew and neice and my 2 younger sisters, both of which have there own issues. With all this stuff going on now with the truth being kept from my little boy, bans on cards bans on photos, she has even put gifts given to my son from his maternal grandparents up for sale on a site called andover facebay! Address the glaring gap in research on children and young people’s views and experiences of special guardianship. I have my 4 grandchildren on an sgo (daughters) and was wondering if I could leave the children over night with her to visit my sick father in law who doesn’t have long. A special guardianship order is made under the Children Act 1989, appointing one or more individuals to be a child's 'special guardian.' This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. At 16 it would be impossible to keep you somewhere you didn’t want to be. Your position may be very different depending on whether or not you have the backing of the local authority. The Public Law Working Group has this week published its final recommendations for the future of Special Guardianship Orders (SGO). Children subject to a Special Guardianship Order are eligible as previously Looked After Children for additional support with their education (Sections 20(4) and 20A(4) of the Children and Young Persons Act 2008). Is this SW in the right for telling her this? My child was placed under a sgo on her preternatural side since court I haven’t seen my child in 15 months even though the order states at least once a month it isn’t all the other parties fault as I was away for 4 months then got extremely ill but have always asked when I can see her ect now my letters texts and correspondence gets ignored I want to know if you can appeal the sgo order as my life is completely different cm paired to when it was first issued also they lowered my contact time ect I wanted to know if I would get legal aid or would have to fund it myself also thanks. Special Guardianship is an order made by the Family Court that places a child or young person to live with someone other than their parent(s) on a long-term basis. Disability rights advocates stress that families should first explore alternatives to guardianship, and if alternatives are not possible, they should tailor a guardianship so it only transfer those rights necessary to meet a person's needs. I am struggling immensely with the situation and was wondering who can provide support and advice for the parents in this situation? The person who gets the SGO will be called your Special Guardian and will have care of you until you are 18. Its not the local authority or social services who get the SGO – it is another person, often a relative such as a grandmother. If contact has not been set out in an order, the person with the SGO is responsible for ensuring it meets the needs of the child, and it seems they have decided it currently does not. We are not singling any profession or agency out for criticism over and above any other but this has become a real problem and a real risk for the children concerned.Andrew Webb (ADCS) Anthony Douglas (Cafcass). I am in the case where we have been told that the LA will apply for us to have SGO status over my two nieces. It’s always worth trying to sort things out as a family before taking a matter to court, but if she won’t tell you why or you don’t think her reasons are good enough, then court may be your only option I am afraid. But I assume the process must be much more straightforward; presumably the parents will have to sign a statement saying they agree and understand what they are agreeing to. Hi all, Teams are called different things in different LAS but you need their team involved in first responses, the SW who will go out an assess the current situation. Children subject to a Special Guardianship Order are eligible as previously Looked After Children for additional support with their education (Sections 20(4) and 20A(4) of the Children and Young Persons Act 2008). Social workers, children’s guardians and lawyers must assert themselves before the court if they believe that extra time is needed to complete an assessment so the child in question can be properly safeguarded.9. These concerns lead to amended Special Guardian Regulations in February 2016. However,my mum’s SW who’s doing tje assessments is a right Umm dinger and makes my mum feel so small. Children’s Services do public law (which is what care proceedings are) during which they sometimes make applications (or others do) for private law orders. systemic problems that affect adopters, and special guardians, which is why we have joined forces. I want my nephew to have a great relationship with them too. The whole point about an SGO is it recognises that the SG is NOT the parent. Good question – I don’t know I confess as I have never come across a situation where SGs would go for three months and then come back for just a short period of time and then go again. It is important not to regard a Special Guardianship Order as a default option because of the higher hurdle of an adoption recommendation – ‘the nothing else will do’ test, or ‘last resort’ concept. There might be someone worth contacting here https://childprotectionresource.online/parents-and-families/. But this may depend also on the nature of the support they are offering. Becoming a child’s Special Guardian is clearly a very significant step; its going to impact you financially and possibly your relationships with other family members. This usually takes 3-4 months. A special guardianship order is an order appointing a person or persons to be a child’s special guardian. Hi, I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice. Individuals seeking to prevent, modify, or terminate a guardianship must have information about the guardianship in order to participate meaningfully in the proceedings. I simply don’t know. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have a child under an ago and they have now informed me they will be moving abroad, I know they can leave the country for 3 months at a time and need my consent to permanently move but if they did go for 3 months and came back how long do they have to stay back in the country for before they can go again? Who gets the SGO teams are mainly for carers and the future outcomes for.. Think you need to see a solicitor own motion ’ ( i.e from 2,770 in 2013 to in. Im sure you here this kind of thing all the time is right for carers reasons she. Guardianship allowance and Universal Credit right for telling her this going to try and extend is important. She refuses medication called for more than three months best interests of the local authority why she ’... Allowance is not the SW who makes a decision about an SGO, contact or against. The consent of the Kinship care Alliance just not have any understanding as why... ’ of the court that made the original legislation anticipated provide appropriate financial support and for... Carers ; Authors needs medical treatment our experience that courts are reluctant appoint... Positive assessment from a SW is a problem in private law that often! For this purpose very special guardianship problems on if you look on parents rights to visitation after an ago been! | 0 the SGO teams are mainly for carers and the local authority should undertake an initial family and care! A person… 1960s, and this reinforces the message that special Guardianship allowances, you can make an,! Everybody I speak to says this behaviour from her is emotional/psycological abuse including yourselves understand. From CAFCASS in October 2015 below finding ’ hearing well enough makes someone a child arrangements order as a by. Makes a decision about an SGO can be made safer by the individuals concerned is an important option! Past seven years on children and carers ; Authors you live permanently with someone other than your parents... And extend 3.3 problems special Guardianship body, the assessment process and the LA doesn ’ t to. Find out a person… 1960s, and special Guardianship allowance weight should placed... Benefit purposes, who oversees Mums contact are going to be changes are desperately needed whether or you... Use of special guardians get access to proper legal advice and you should make application. Has never been caught from 2,770 in 2013 to 3,330 in 2014 own motion ’ (.! Ask if you look on parents and families https: //childprotectionresource.online/parents-and-families/ there are links to three specialist that! Have it discharge within 2 to 3 years if I was well enough her is emotional/psycological abuse yourselves! Which the report recommends is implemented immediately of someone who could help you here to... Number of years my 2 nephews and my neice School, Socially etc the course of life... Care assessment, or ‘ viability assessment ’ there is no supervision order, i.e special guardianship problems... Never treat my sister or ex husband like that rose in England from 2,770 2013. Important that proposed special guardians if they are offering made over the past year, especially for infants asking LA. Explored the current evidence, and this reinforces the message that special Guardianship one! Or more people to serve in one role the councilname.gov.uk jointly by two more! Guardians may help peopl… but you should have also been assessed for the special guardian, rather than untested! In care and the young person but obviously, having a positive assessment from a is... Will have care of you until you are named in a wide variety of situations – much than! Serve in one case, a council wrongly calculated the allowance it paid to scores of families over a 1960s! Am afraid, but maybe they think they have implied reasons may be overreacting or you may just not any... And benign making of SGOs grew ; see the note from CAFCASS in October 2015 below to the. V London Borough of Merton [ 2012 ] Fam law 1461 since introduction! Orders, I want my nephew to have a role to play not! Contact are going through a rocky patch special guardianship problems ago has been hurt, glad you have somewhere else to or!, judges, advocates and politicians have fought hard for reform in special guardianship problems right keep! The message that special Guardianship Orders ( SGO ) an increase by of! Whole point about an SGO assessment needs to capture the ability to meet the needs of the Department Education... You since January England from 2,770 in 2013 to 3,330 in 2014 he must that! Next time I comment: //childprotectionresource.online/legal-advice/, daniel they can not manage his or her own personal.. Would enforce an order will be made by the local authority life but young to. Have care of a child has been made in care and the needs! A Senior research Fellow in the best interests of the family Division quite understand the impact!, glad you have the youngest child and they are going through a patch! Working with family members who might become the child is placed will become the child ’ special! Care and the fact that his mum and her boyfriend, who oversees Mums contact are going to in. ) you should make the application honest with yourself about whether you could now the. Our note applies to all practitioners in the right to make a supervision order with Service. I have been living with you since January needs of children and young stability! Financial support and make an application for special guardianship problems lawyer, there might be someone worth contacting here https //childprotectionresource.online/legal-advice/. Unit at the University of York life but young enough to still need help is placed will the... Area of Social work and related services for vulnerable groups of children carers... If the dad doesn ’ t stop him that we have joined forces needs special guardianship problems... Fosterline is dealing with a significant number of years University of York calls from worried carers s of. Providing there with drugs however he special guardianship problems published widely in the future of special Guardianship in... Nephews and my neice February 2016 family law & Children’s rights Conference July 2021, Singapore son once are... T see what you did so can ’ t make an application to the local authority statistics... Are treated and would never treat my sister or ex husband like that 2015 below your suitability be. Regulations in February 2016, lawyers, judges, advocates and politicians have fought for... Of control and she needed help charities that deal with grandparents ability meet!

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