Also my upgraded pistol never made the transfer due to a bug. Square Enix first released the game … They also promised a final patch and then went radio silent. Posted by timmmm24: “Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut” Okay, can anyone help me with this one. Not on directors cut, you have manyyyy ways to go about a boss fight, and yeah the DLC is awesome One thing I missed in MD was having only 1 boss fight Comments. Lastly, the original has a more hazy look overall, and a stronger Depth of Field effect blurring the shadows in the background. Your job is to safeguard company secrets, but when a black ops team breaks in and kills the very scientists you were hired to protect, everything you thought you knew about your job changes. The "piss filter" can be disabled in the original by turning Postprocessing off (see scene #1), but that's not the case in the Director's Cut. It also features approximately 8 hours of director's commentaries and a 45 minute “Making Of” video. yeah HR is a proper last gen console cluster fuck of an engine. . Deus Ex. It also has a different artstyle and is a huge 5+ hour distraction from the main story, which was just beginning to pick up pace. This is another lighting comparison. Overview. Tessellation causes Artifacts on Character Models in Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut. I have Steam version of this game, and at first i had problem with game launcher. An absorbing world and minor but meaningful improvements make Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Director's Cut a winning revival. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, i9 9900K @5GHz 32GB DDR4 @3200 RTX2080 Super. What makes it even worse is that this extra mission throws so many Praxis points at you that, when you get all of your old equipment and Praxis back, it's easy to obtain every augmentation by the end, trivializing the choices you were making about playstyle and approach. All I remember (and may be remembering incorrectly) is the nice warm/yellow light aesthetic was completely absent. Deus … They simply removed that choice. Deus Ex Human Revolution. The Director's Cut is a step down in design as well. It reminded me of that movie The Fountain, very pretty :). Uncle Dude. Notice the lower precision SSAO used in the Director's Cut, even on the 'High' setting. It's not just a visual downgrade. This is evident by the aliasing along the light's top edge which isn't present in the original. You spend all this time on Hacking, to then be forced to go guns blazing on boss fights. A subreddit for PC gaming news and discussion! The Deus Ex: Human Revolution conspiracy grows deeper in The Missing Link. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you go to the store page on Steam of the original DE:HR it just dumps you in the Steam main menu because there isn't a store page anymore. Related News for Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Soundtrack HD - 67 - Dark Corners Of Hengsha. TL;DR - Aesthetic differences aside, the Director's Cut does contain some graphical downgrades, most notably in lighting. When Deus Ex: Human Revolution first released it had a distinctive gold filter that made everything shine like it was covered in Ferrero Rocher wrappers. It's a shame. You get all of the pre-order bonus items, which unbalance the game (double barreled shotgun and silenced sniper rifle in the first mission? Although I think it worked because I don't see any yellow filter when starting a new game. The events in this latest expedition into the science fiction world of Deus Ex take place in the year 2027, a quarter of a century before the first Deus Ex game. Deus ex Human revolution - Original or Director cut. It absolutely deserves one. It's been a while, but if I remember correctly, you get those items in the first mission for having the pre-order content in the original version. There seems to be some conflicting information regarding the graphical differences between the original Deus Ex: Human Revolution released in 2011, and the Director's Cut version released in 2013, with many people preferring one or the other due to aesthetic rather than technical differences. It's already one of the most immersive and atmospheric games I've ever played - with all the bugs and kinks - but a little more polish and updated visuals would do wonders to it. Deus Ex Human Revolution. DX:HR Director's Cut. Its problems stem from the fact that for some bizarre reason, they used somewhat outdated versions of the game's source files as a foundation. Thanks to ANNOUNCEMENT OF DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDED, which brought me super motivation to play again HUMAN REVOLUTION, I Am very happy to introduce you to DIRECTORS CUT VERSION Of Hardcore Difficulty MOD. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Comparamos la version de Deus Ex Human Revlution Director's cut con la versión de 2011 de Xbox 360 I read that director cut version has many technical problems like stutter, fps drop, lag but has many improvements like boss battles and overall story expiriance.