Body Alchemy

With over fifteen years of experience in the medical field and a passion for holistic health, Stacy Nicole has created a unique healing approach using vibrational energy and earth medicine, nutrition, and fitness.

Being an intuitive and empath, she is able to scan your energy field to help pinpoint imbalances that may be creating emotional, physical, and mental symptoms by feeling, knowing, and seeing them. With this information, we are able to create a plan for you to connect to your own energy and experience emotional freedom which brings your body into alignment.

We work together on balancing the 5 bodies- physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual to create overall well-being so you can experience life at 100% and being fully present in it- without limiting painful conditions!

Over the years Stacy has trained as a holistic health coach and functional nutrition practitioner. She has been performing Reiki for over 12 years and is a Reiki Master as well as a certified Reflexologist. Most recently, she has studied Chinese 5 Elemental Theory and became an Emotional Resonance Practitioner, as well as many years of other training and certifications along the way. Book your session with Stacy today!