Living Loud: The Making of Megaphone Fitness

At 14, I dragged my father to the local gym to sign me up. The moment I turned 18, I was working behind that very front desk I signed that membership contract on. Two years later, I was a certified fitness trainer designing personal training programs and teaching group exercise classes at my college’s athletic center. After graduation, my fitness journey really exploded; I began to compete in physique competitions all over the country, was signed by a modeling agency, had multiple sponsorships, and was also managing a fitness center. I was laser-focused, driven, and incredibly passionate about my personal goals: I saw myself on the Nike billboards of New York City and on the cover of Oxygen and Shape magazine, and I was going to do whatever it took to make it happen.

But then things started to change…I would place second in a show, but not first….the agency would say they had work but then not…team mates started promoting competing health supplement products for different coaches and I felt like I was caught in the middle. Eventually it came to a point where I was very unsure of why I even got into industry. Wasn’t this supposed to be a sisterhood of strong women lifting each other up? Why do I care so much that I’m not number one? Where is my magazine cover? Is this all just smoke and mirrors? I actually had an agent say to me that I didn’t have to compete to be a fitness model, but in order to get noticed it’s a good idea to compete. What?

At that point, I focused on my career in marketing and went back to training in sports that had an actual finish line to determine my placing, not a panel of judges. Sometimes it’s a good thing to take a break from trying to force an outcome or a certain feeling when you really don’t truly know why, what, or how you’re chasing it. Once you can look failure in the face and understand its an opportunity, you really can come back at whatever life gives you and rise up with clarity and a stronger heart and mind.

And if you know me, you know It’s not like me to stay quiet.

I’ve learned that people like me for me, and are inspired by my passion naturally, not because I landed a magazine article or placed first in a bikini show. My purpose now could not be more loud and clear: Megaphone Fitness is about creating a wavelength of positive people with dynamite energy ready to get after their goals with a completely personalized program; no cookie cutter plans or unmaintainable restrictions. It’s about raising the volume on YOUR very own body, health, and wellness goals over that voice inside your head that tells you “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t start today”, or “I know my body’s never going to change so there’s no point in trying”. It’s about helping you to get rid of that negative noise once and for all and speaking up for your health. I am so excited to create this company to bring a whole new uproar to the fitness scene and help others find their strength, inside and out. Train Hard. Live Loud!