The Megaphone Cycle Storm Has Hit Southeastern CT!

Megaphone Fitness is excited to announce that we have added Spinning® bicycles to the studio! This high energy, up-beat, sweat in all its glory workout is probably my favorite group exercise class to teach. The vibe of the ride is the ultimate endorphin-pumping feeling, and this has been beyond my wildest dreams that it would all come together so quickly, and I am thrilled to be adding classes to our group exercise schedule. The best way I can describe this class is feeling like you’ve just joined the Tour de France in a night club! LOL!

From the elite triathlete or outdoor cyclist, to the beginner fitness level individual just getting their training wheels on, cycling has proven to be a workout you need to add to your fitness regimen. Outside of building your cardiovascular & lower body strength, the low impact workout is great for those recovering from orthopedic injuries, but are ready to get back to some form of workout. Since it doesn’t impact the hip, knee or ankle joints, indoor cycling is an excellent choice. And if weight loss is your focus, trust me baby, we’re gonna burn, burn, burn those calories! Although these factors vary, one can burn up to 400-600 calories a class.

Check out pictures and a video of the studio below. Make sure to sign up for your next class today!